MIDTRONICS Advancing Battery Management


Commercial transportation markets, which include heavy-duty trucks, fleets and construction equipment, present unique challenges based on the different batteries, battery systems and configurations and how the batteries and electrical systems function in those applications.

Midtronics offers a range of solutions based on our work creating essential tools for vehicle manufacturers around the world.

Preventative maintenance is important, because the cost of road service is so costly in terms of time, towing cost and lost customer confidence.

Warranty management is important because of the size and cost of commercial batteries.

Our diagnostic and charging products for these markets include battery pack testing, multiple battery routines for up to 6 batteries, special commercial battery algorithms, and application specific test parameters for system and cable drop testing. In addition, our products are tailored to the specific series and parallel systems found in different regions of the world.


EXP Series

EXP series expandable electrical diagnostic platform analyzers include several technology innovations and enhancements to provide unparalleled accuracy and decision-making.

MDX Series

MDX Series battery testers and electrical system analyzers incorporate more than 20 years of experience designing testing tools featuring industry-standard conductance technology for nearly every car and truck OEM in the world.


Diagnostic Chargers

Midtronics diagnostic chargers combine conductance technology with advanced diagnostic capabilities to create a complete, flexible and expandable solution


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Integrated Solutions

The ING-100 Battery Management System offers continuous diagnostic monitoring of the battery and electrical system.

Magnetic Pick-up Sensors feature versatile design as a speedometer, tachometer or controller sensor.