MIDTRONICS Advancing Battery Management


Powersports batteries, including those designed for motorcycles and personal watercraft, present unique diagnostics and charging challenges. These small batteries often don’t include ratings or clear markings, yet can be anything from dry-charge, factory-activated, flooded, or AGM technologies.

Midtronics diagnostic solutions for these batteries include unique algorithms and testing by part number to help produce accurate results and improve battery management. Midtronics has developed and deployed essential tools for most motorcycle and powersports battery manufacturers worldwide.


MDX Series

MDX Series battery testers and electrical system analyzers incorporate more than 20 years of experience designing testing tools featuring industry-standard conductance technology for nearly every car and truck OEM in the world.


PBT Series

PBT series testers provide fast and accurate test decisions in seconds, without heat, sparks or user interpretation. PBT Series conductance-based testing is safe, fast and simple.


inTECH Series

AGM and lead-acid battery testing in one convenient hand-held tester, providing quick and accurate diagnostics for battery State of Health and State of Charge.